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Over 70 years ago now Unterweser Reederei AG of Bremen requested that a calendar be designed for the shipping industry which would enable charterers to see several months at a glance.


This calendar had also to show an illustration and company advertising.
In 1937, with this brief, B.C. Heye & Co. developed and launched the first ever 3 month to view advertising calendar.


Due to World War 2 development of this ˝epoch-making˝ calendar was delayed until 1949.


In the early 1950’s B.C. Heye & Co. supplied these large calendars mainly to shipping andallied companies under the simple name ˝shipping calendar˝. Gradually companies from other industries began to use these 3 month to view calendars for their advertising. By the end of the 1950’s such was the demand that 2 more sizes of calendar were introduced.


This successful development of the 3 month to view calendar for both forward planning and advertising led B.C. Heye & Co. in 1967 to register an international trademark for the product.

The name ˝terminic˝, a synonym of 3 month to view calendars, was introduced.


Each year terminic now produce many millions of copies of their 3 month to view wall planners, delivering them worldwide. They manufacture everything themselves.


Using environmentally friendly chlorine free bleached paper and board they print more than 15 different types and over 25 language datepads in 5 attractive shades which enables them to offer individual ”tailor made” calendar packages to each client.


With over 71 years experience they are totally conversant with the design, production and application of 3 month to view wall planners.


terminic is very proud still to be supplying their first customer.


Proud too that there are many other companies who have been clients for decades. terminic would like to add your company to this list.