Our wall calendars - produced in Germany

Our standard

Best in Class

Even when we were the first, we wanted to be the best.
Then as now, our wall calendars represent what’s most important to us:
you, our customer. You value excellent quality. So do we.
When it comes to materials, we look for lasting stability. After all,
your wall calendars advertise your company for a whole year.
And the attention to detail in our calendars shows that we also believe the
little things count. That’s the difference, because in matters large or small,
we simply want to be the best.


Our quality

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Made in Germany

We produce in the Hanseatic City of Bremen.
This is where our employees work and support you, and it’s also where
we manufacture, pack, and despatch your terminic wall calendars to
destinations around the world. That’s how we can make sure all production
stages meet the quality standards you expect from us for your advertising.
What you get are professional vehicles for your promotional message,
manufactured from high-quality materials, and produced using the latest
industrial and printing technologies.
Made by terminic – Made in Germany.


Our calendars


All over the world

You’ll find our terminic wall calendars practically everywhere around the globe. To make sure people all over the world can read them, we include more than 30 languages or language combinations in our standard ranges. We also take into account other national specifics, for instance the week beginning on a Sunday in the USA or South America. Or when public holidays that fall on a Sunday are carried over to the following Monday. We produce our terminic wall calendars for your customers all over the world. And if you want, we also deliver them. To your branch in Argentina, your business partner in Sierra Leone, your customer on Tierra del Fuego. We deliver to more than 140 countries so you’re always seen wherever you want to be.
All over the world.