Advantages of our calendars

Competence in Calendars® – our competence makes you look good

Our terminic wall calendars combine the utility of an indispensable planning aid in daily work with effective advertising for your business. It’s an ideal way of keeping your company and your message present in the minds of customers and business partners – day after day, all year round.



The terminic perforation
All date pads on terminic wall calendars feature a fine line of perforations. That means the pages can be torn off easily and cleanly, even in a hurry.


The terminic page holder
Page holders are specially integrated in the backs of the wall calendars. They effectively hold the pages of the pads down. That means your terminic calendars stay unruffled even in wind or other disturbances.


The terminic metal eyelet
Our wall calendars are sturdy – down to the last detail. We fit most of our terminic wall calendars with a metal eyelet to reinforce the hanging hole.

The terminic weekmaster
It’s a real eye catcher. We developed the terminic weekmaster specially for our super models. The transparent plastic strip that holds the date cursor is slightly tinted to match the background colour of the previous and following months. That not only looks good, but immediately highlights the current week for you and your customers.


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